Ellakisha S. O’Kelley, ESQ

Ellakisha S. O’Kelley Esq. serves as Of Counsel to The Hawes Law Firm. She received her Juris Doctorate from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and Bachelor of Science in Criminology from The University of South Carolina. She decided to begin her law journey in 2012 after retiring from her career as a professional U.S. track athlete. In 2017, she opened her legal practice and took her experiential knowledge in contracts and intellectual property security and combined it with her legal expertise to empower individuals through ownership protection. She has served hundreds of clients in sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and real estate. As licensed Realtor® and closing attorney her aim is to bring a relatable, knowledgeable, and enjoyable experience to the closing table.

Outside of the law, Ms. O’Kelley’s interests include fitness, reading, podcasting, and spending time with her immediate family.